Garbage Dreams film review

Garbage Dreams was set in Cairo, Eygpt. Mokattam is Cairo’s largest garbage city and it is here where the Zaballean live and work. The Zaballean collect and sort all the rubbish and are able to recycle 80%. However, foreign waste disposal companies from Spain and Italy are coming and taking away the Zaballeans work. This is destroying the Zaballeans future and having a major impact on the lives they have now.

The people whose rubbish is collected prefer the Zaballean to the foreign rubbish companies as they are cheaper. If all the rubbish was collected by the foreign companies them the tax residents pay would increase. Along with this the Zaballean succeed in recycling 80% where as the foreign companies only recycle 20%. The Zaballeans work is far more efficient and environmentally friendly that the proffesional companies.

Why is the pace of urbanisation different in the rich and poor world?

Urbanisation started to happen in the richer parts of the world during the 1850’s. It only began in the poorer parts of the world during the 1950’s. This is part of the reason why the pace of urbanisation is slower in the rich parts of the world. The main part of the urbanisation process has already happened in the rich countries as it started earlier than in the poor countries.

In the rich countries there is better protection from unwanted pregnancy’s as there has been a larger amount of research done. In contrast poor countries have far less awareness of such issues and contraception is used far less. If the people in the poorer parts of the world had more access to forms of contraception then birth rates would lower and the increase in population would be less rapid.

In the poorer countries more and more housing needs to be built as the population is growing constantly. People don’t want to live in the countryside anymore as they don’t have the schooling and opportunities they need. Whereas in places like Britain people have the ability and opportunity to work from home which allows them to live in the countryside without a great struggle.

Urbanisation definition

Urbanisation is the growth of cities. It started in the richer countries during the 1850’s and then in the 1950’s it started to happen in the poorer countries. Urbanisation leads to an increasing number of people living in cities. The majority of people moving into the cities are migrants from the countryside. This is called The Rural-Urban migration. People are moving to cities as they want to live a richer life in which they can have many more opportunities.

Urbanisation is happening because poor people, living in the countryside are moving into cities and more houses need to be built. With more people living in cities there is also a higher birth rate and as the families get larger they will need bigger homes. When the children are of an age where they can leave home they will also need accomodation.